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Make-up wasn’t always a passion of mine, at least not before I started using YouTube for things other than cat videos and the Chocolate Rain guy.  My high school self would watch hours and hours of Michelle Phan, Nicole Guerriero, and Lauren Curtis. I love watching them enhance their already natural beauty and sometimes even watch them transform themselves into different characters on Halloween. It was calming and euphoric to watch their makeup hauls. Although I watched these videos, I never tried to replicate them.

I didn’t wear makeup in high school until maybe senior year. I started off with wearing lipstick and mascara. For prom, I set up an appointment with Sephora and got a full makeover ( photo above). After that I became addicted, not only did I look good but I felt good. They covered up my acne scars, something I was always self-conscious about. I wanted to feel like this every day. And now I don’t want to hear, “you’re beautiful with makeup” or “ you don’t need makeup to pretty.” I’m a firm believer of if you don’t like something about your body change it, or learn to accept what you have. Confidence is a lovely thing but sometimes it’s a hard thing to gain unless you love yourself and what you have to offer.

Once I entered college, that’s when my collection began to expand. I started off with just doing wing liner and lipstick to being able to do a full face of makeup. I want to be able to help people be comfortable in their own skin and help them enhance their already beautiful features. Makeup is an accessory that everyone should be able to utilize. So welcome to my beauty blog.

Zakiya ❤



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    1. Zakiya Hinkson says:

      Thank you 😊

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  1. Such a beauty and I can so relate to your words here, also welcome to the community 😘


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