Sephora / EM Cosmetics Spring Break Haul


Spring Break Haul


Last Friday, I went Spring Break shopping and decided to stop into Sephora and pick up some essentials/ travel products. I finally decided to get back on the Beauty Blender game, I was using a knockoff I found on Amazon. After taking the blender out of the package, touching it reminded me why I loved them. I re-purchased the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to combat the Florida humidity and keep my makeup on my face. I’ve always wanted to try the Cinema Secrets Brush cleaner and bought the travel size. I used it to wash my brushes before my trip and honestly I hadn’t washed some of them in like a month, so I was pleasantly surprised by how clean they were.Especially the foundation brush that no matter how much I clean it, still has the orange tinge of foundation. I will say that smell of alcohol is a little off putting. Next, I re-purchased my favorite day-time foundation at the moment, the ABH Stick Foundation in Caramel. Since my birthday was the 5th of April, I also got to choose my birthday perk. I chose the Tarte Birthday Gift, which included the Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit and the Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush in Paaarty. Both were sample sizes. Last but not least, I got the new Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud Lip Creme in Spanish Earth.The packaging is so cute and I love the gold and black detailing. I just had to support a fellow Aries, Michelle Phan, in the rebranding of her company.

Thanks for visiting my blog, like and comment the products you use to battle humidity or to just talk about the things you bought on your last haul.

❤ Zakiya


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  1. Interesting read! As someone who doesn’t know much about makeup, you seem like you have a lot of knowledge to share with us!

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